September 3, 2018

Is Reddit  a blog or social? What you think about it? In my view it’s a social with blog system. Here you can find anything as you want. A person who in reddit media all things easy to get from here.

As we are freelancer we need traffic for our site and this is one of best free source to get USA base traffic. So if you want to promote your site then you can follow this site. Now I will try to help you about reddit.

  • Create a account
  • Try to subscribe your favorite sub reddit .
  • Engaged with others
  • Submit your post.
  • Earn karma

Reddit Sign up

1.Create Account:  Go to https://www.reddit.com

Fill up form and create account and need to verify your account.

2.Try to subscribe your favorite sub reddit :

For post you have to choose sub reddit. Not possible to post on home page. All sub reddit deivided with this short code reddit.com/r/subcategory.

For making community you can use reddit.com/r/friends

This will help you to make a community and help to boost your post on Reddit. As a result general people gather on your post

3.Engaged with Others: there are lot of account who have high profile. You can follow their post. Good comment on there. Then he also try to come your wall. If you have good post then he also comments on your post.

4. submit your post: before post with any sub reddit must be read terms very carefully. Either your account will be banned. Try to post unique either you will be banned.

5 . Earn Karma: there are 2 types of karma on reddit

  • Post Karma: when your post will get vote and comment then you will point for your post its called post karma. Don’t try to post spam. Daily post only 1 to 5 times a day with good source for you post. If you use another peoples content must be add credit for him or website.


  • Comment Karma: if you find a good post then comment there with good article. Some people will vote or comment on you comment. Then you will get comment karma.

Now you can start using reddit now. If you need anything just knock me on my fb page I will try to solve your problem.

You Will get more information about reddit on next post.

Thanks for reading.


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